Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That Seller!!

I looked at him,
Standing tall at corner,
Still shining but dim,
Looking around,
Without any sound,
He looked bit tainted.

I walked a bit and stood,
Waited for him to move,
He turned but stopped,
He didn’t walk away,
I was puzzled,
Wondered what made him stay,

May be it wasn’t implausible,
Had to do something, he was able,
I moved towards him willingly,
Noticed him quite thoroughly,
He stood there quite,
With filled air in hands tight,

I went up and held onto one,
He looked up and smiled,
Handed me over a handful air,
I smiles back but didn’t stop there,
He moved, holding his balloons,
To sell rest of them before sun looms,


  1. Just Lovely! you painted the scene wonderfully, well done :o)

  2. So aptly describes the scene. I felt transported there.

  3. Lovely words you've strung together here. Thanks for sharing.

  4. a lovely picture painted so brilliantly.Bravo!

  5. Very nice, makes me feel as if I want a balloon now. Great work, well woven tapestry of words!

  6. Some marvelous images painted in words!!