Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She was One!!!

She almost rushed into me and hugged me so hard that I tried really hard not to fall. When I was just about to ask what went wrong; I felt her moist eyes onto my shoulder. I put my hand on her head and she yelped badly. I let her reside there till the time she was became normal.

Her sobs stopped and she sat on the sofa comfortably. I looked at her without uttering a word as I had no idea what to say at all.

"Hmm, so.." are only words I could manage to say.

"You know what, its not him. Its someone else I talk to. It not him." She again broke into tears.

"What? What you talking about?" I was confused.

I had an idea what she can be talking about but wasn't so sure.

"That guy whom I met, he is not the one whom I talk. They are different. They are friends. How could I be so dumb? How could he do that to me? Its not him, but I loved him." She really looked sad. I pitied her.

"Alright, but which one you actually love?" I was getting more confused. This girl was making me nuts. I was getting late for college.

She looked at me and than looked blank. Again she looked at me and smiled.

This was it. "Where exactly the problem is, Monu?" I was pissed.

"Lilly, I am confused actually. It can be none or may be both. Can I?" She said still looking confused.

"Than get over it. What is the harm?" I asked, tried to look concern.

"No, its harmless actually, I guess." She gave an sheepish smile.

"Oh, poor girl! She needs some rest." I thought. "You go up and sleep, we'll talk later about it, okay?" She nodded and I left for college wondering how many years she would take to grow up..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That Seller!!

I looked at him,
Standing tall at corner,
Still shining but dim,
Looking around,
Without any sound,
He looked bit tainted.

I walked a bit and stood,
Waited for him to move,
He turned but stopped,
He didn’t walk away,
I was puzzled,
Wondered what made him stay,

May be it wasn’t implausible,
Had to do something, he was able,
I moved towards him willingly,
Noticed him quite thoroughly,
He stood there quite,
With filled air in hands tight,

I went up and held onto one,
He looked up and smiled,
Handed me over a handful air,
I smiles back but didn’t stop there,
He moved, holding his balloons,
To sell rest of them before sun looms,