Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friends for Life..!!

"I feel light, very light. Like a balloon,  just so eased. Ahh; am so happy...!" She screamed hanging her neck out of the window of car.

Two pegs down the throat and no matter how many big tensions she had, she becomes all chilled.
I looked from the back view mirror and shouted "Get you sick head into the car you fool, we can meet with an accident. See the traffic." I was happy to see her relieved but at the same time her stupidity pissed me off.

"Okie boss; as you say. I love you. Things are becoming so clear like the sun rises after a day full of dark clouds. You are my sunshine.. You truly are. Its like what would I have done in life without you guys." she smiled and crashed on the back seat.

I smiled at her keeping my eyes on the road. She would forget all this once she will be sober but it was true. Life gives you few bestest people sometimes that you cherish your whole life..!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She was One!!!

She almost rushed into me and hugged me so hard that I tried really hard not to fall. When I was just about to ask what went wrong; I felt her moist eyes onto my shoulder. I put my hand on her head and she yelped badly. I let her reside there till the time she was became normal.

Her sobs stopped and she sat on the sofa comfortably. I looked at her without uttering a word as I had no idea what to say at all.

"Hmm, so.." are only words I could manage to say.

"You know what, its not him. Its someone else I talk to. It not him." She again broke into tears.

"What? What you talking about?" I was confused.

I had an idea what she can be talking about but wasn't so sure.

"That guy whom I met, he is not the one whom I talk. They are different. They are friends. How could I be so dumb? How could he do that to me? Its not him, but I loved him." She really looked sad. I pitied her.

"Alright, but which one you actually love?" I was getting more confused. This girl was making me nuts. I was getting late for college.

She looked at me and than looked blank. Again she looked at me and smiled.

This was it. "Where exactly the problem is, Monu?" I was pissed.

"Lilly, I am confused actually. It can be none or may be both. Can I?" She said still looking confused.

"Than get over it. What is the harm?" I asked, tried to look concern.

"No, its harmless actually, I guess." She gave an sheepish smile.

"Oh, poor girl! She needs some rest." I thought. "You go up and sleep, we'll talk later about it, okay?" She nodded and I left for college wondering how many years she would take to grow up..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That Seller!!

I looked at him,
Standing tall at corner,
Still shining but dim,
Looking around,
Without any sound,
He looked bit tainted.

I walked a bit and stood,
Waited for him to move,
He turned but stopped,
He didn’t walk away,
I was puzzled,
Wondered what made him stay,

May be it wasn’t implausible,
Had to do something, he was able,
I moved towards him willingly,
Noticed him quite thoroughly,
He stood there quite,
With filled air in hands tight,

I went up and held onto one,
He looked up and smiled,
Handed me over a handful air,
I smiles back but didn’t stop there,
He moved, holding his balloons,
To sell rest of them before sun looms,